Imagine a world where anything is possible. A place with no rules, only your imagination to guide you through countless rooms of large-scale interactive art, mixed reality playgrounds, and secret passageways await you in our surreal landscape of science fiction and fantasy.

Battleground: Mortals vs Monsters features a brand new weapon system, live scoring, and more monsters than ever before. Battleground is a realistic, tactical experience where you put your survival skills to the test by taking down the monsters unknown, portrayed by real life actors.

For over a decade, Denver has celebrated a tradition in which citizens share excitement in the fun and scary holiday season by dressing up as the undead, sharing local Deals, and throwing zombie parties. Planned by those who know the season the best, the Denver Zombie Crawl is a legendary, must-attend October event!

DELUSION is the first ever interactive horror theatre company. Hailed as LA’s most successful interactive theatre experience for 7 consecutive years, DELUSION engages with audiences to play their part in fantastical and otherworldly tales. This “moving play” set the industry standards for interactive theatre nationally, placing Jon and DELUSION as vanguards in this emerging space.
Your favorite haunted house is getting a Valentine’s makeover. The same thrills and chills of the Halloween season but with a lover’s twist. Forget the boring dates of Valentine’s Day past and come experience something stimulating this year.
Before we close the book on Krampus, you’re invited to come experience the final chapter of horror. We have transformed our haunted house into a Christmas wonderland, although it won’t be all glitter and snowflakes. You better watch out. You better not cry. Horrifying Christmas characters will haunt all those who enter. Forget those old, boring traditions. Come celebrate the holiday like never before and trade your Christmas cheers for Christmas fears.

This Fall, The Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns will delight all ages on a glowing trail of over 7,000 magnificent, hand-carved pumpkins and larger than life pumpkin displays.

A magical light show illuminates larger than life displays. A nautical sea-scape, a pirate ship, dinosaurs, dragons and much more, all softly aglow on the grounds of Hudson Gardens. You’ll find magic around every corner!